COVID-19 Pandemic Continues To Reshape Work in America

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However, the everyday WFH experience does not negatively influence their experience with WFH, since these people had experiences with WFH before the outbreak and have family support. This group of workers is eager to interact with coworkers and rely on the ‘normal’ work environment to maintain their productivity. Even during the pandemic, these individuals are not fully committed to the WFH mode, and they choose and have an option to work in the ‘normal’ work environment at least one day per week. This one day allows workers to continuously interact with the previous ‘normal’ work experiences, impeding the adaption process to being fully remote. COVID amplified the trend of WFH (Béland et al., 2020, Gallacher and Hossain, 2020).

There are different tendencies according to the age and sex of employees when it comes to teleworking. 60% of the UK population worked remotely throughout the first Covid-19 lockdown. Since 2017, the number of employees who work from home has risen by 159%.

Working From Home is Good For The Environment

The report concluded that leaders must rethink their workplace culture to be more inclusive of remote and hybrid work—this is the new normal. Businesses would retain a portion of the corporate culture that they built throughout the pandemic years while recognizing and embracing the flexibility and productivity that remote work has to offer. As the danger from COVID subside, remote work rates continue to decline as former workers in industries that rely on face-to-face interactions re-enter the labor force. Eventually the rate reaching an equilibrium and levels out a higher rate than before COVID because the companies that embraced remote work continue to do so. We cannot continue the article without mentioning the period during COVID-19.


Upwork estimates that 1 in 4 Americans over 26% of the American remote work statistics 2021 will be working remotely through 2021. They also estimate that 22% of the workforce (36.2 Million Americans) will work remotely by 2025. Global Workplace Analytics believes that 25-30% of the workforce will remotely by 2021. While Zoom had been growing steadily since its launch, its popularity really took off as the Covid-19 pandemic spread, with millions of people using it to stay…

Usage of the “Remote” Filter on LinkedIn Job Searches Has Increased 60%

For these employees with some WFH experiences before the pandemic, being forced to WFH every day during the pandemic has a positive influence on their view of WFH and encourages them to WFH more often after the pandemic. The dataset was published by a research team at the University of Washington. 2018 residents of the Puget Sound Region in Washington State participated in the survey (Jabbari et al., 2020). Since this study focuses on the WFH patterns among these participants, 874 participants with full-time or part-time positions were considered.

  • The amount of distractions is another major concern for remote workers.
  • And if that wasn’t realized, professionals were willing to look for a new job.
  • Further, sample participants were mostly white and Asian, meaning that more data needs to be collected on other races to reflect the diversity of the United States.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis even wrote a paper during COVID called “Why is mommy so stressed?
  • But through it all, the humanity in each of us has widely been embraced and even celebrated.
  • On average, workers in the Americas are the happiest to work from home, with their ideal balance being two-and-a-half remote workdays per week, which equates to working remote half-time.

In fact, research shows that when employees are able to work from home, their performance increases by at least 22%. This article was written by our team of experienced marketing & website building practitioners, led by Adam Connell. If you’re tired of working in the office and your employer won’t let you go remote, you can always start working for yourself. Remote workers are generally happier, more engaged, and more loyal employees. Covid-19 will also likely cause executives to rethink the need for travel to meetings, conferences, etc. They will learn that while virtual meetings may not have all the same benefits of being face-to-face, the savings may outweigh the costs much of the time.

76% of entrepreneurs think remote work will be the ‘new normal’…

87% of employees consider the physical office to present an increased opportunity for collaboration among team members. Moreover, 34% of workers with less than 5 years of experience in their role feel less productive working from home – likely because they lack the support and guidance of more experienced employees. Nonetheless, 55% of workers would still prefer to work remotely three or more days a week. Largescale reductions in commuting time will lead to benefits for workers post-pandemic, even though these benefits will largely be for those who are highly educated and well paid (Barrero et al., 2021). It is important to understand how commuting patterns have changed for different groups before and during COVID-19. However, comparing commuting patterns before and during COVID-19 between income groups has seldomly been studied at an individual level.


In fact, 29% of business leaders have not taken any measures to track productivity remotely. When asked, what is the biggest concern of business leaders, 30% of them replied – maintaining the corporate culture. Furthermore, 61% of business leaders have implemented more frequent manager-employee check-ins to follow employees’ status closely. To answer the above questions and emphasis the topic we are going to follow the historical path of events starting with before and after the pandemic. What is more, we are going to look closely at the modern employee and their workplace flexibility, views, and values.


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