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Before you intend to work a deal with a fellow owner, try to facilitate a trade between him and another owner. First, it lets the owner know you really do have his best interests in mind. Second, it builds trust with the owner and makes him more open to dealing with you.

Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer Week 6: Buy Low on Ja’Marr … – Pro Football Network

Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer Week 6: Buy Low on Ja’Marr ….

Posted: Fri, 14 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Our fantasy football trade analyzer trade analyzer is #1 in the industry and is a trusted source for a decade plus. Each player is assigned a trade rating that is updated daily. The side with the larger number has the stronger players. With free agency still ongoing and the NFL Draft upcoming, there’s still a lot of change coming to the fantasy football landscape. The key to winning dynasty deals is to trade for someone when their value is relatively low and send them away when their value is near or at its apex. Our full season/rest of season projections factor in a player’s projected RHP vs LHP splits.

Gauge their interest not only in your players but in their own teams as well. Never make a fantasy football trade out of desperation. To maximize your trade value, attack your trade partner from a position of confidence and strength, not flaccid weakness. The Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer is a player comparison trade evaluator.

Grabbing him now in dynasty is the move even if a breakout occurs next season. With Suzuki out for the time being due to an oblique strain, his cost of acquisition after a disappointing rookie year depresses even further. Suzuki was a prime buy in dynasty and redraft over the offseason due to him getting that first year in a new continent/culture out of the way. For those fantasy managers looking to get an edge on their 2023 dynasty leagues, Kev Mahserejian has the insights needed to help win now and for the long haul. Taking an offseason to evaluate why some players performed poorly and then buying is the best move as we have clearer situations regarding health or other personal struggles. Our quality Rest of Season projections are updated daily throughout the season.

Analyze Fantasy Basketball Trades For Free!

You might be desperate to make a move, but never compound your bad situation by agreeing to a subpar deal. If you’re getting the runaround from a fellow owner, walk away. Be casual and laid back; don’t come off as aggressive. Smart owners will read your body language and they’ll take advantage of you. As soon as they sense they’ve got you by the short hairs, your hope of an advantageous deal goes out the window.

Not at the moment, but it’s a feature I hope to see added down the line. It’s one thing to be told which team gets the best value in a deal; it’s another thing entirely to get detailed analysis of the trade. Our quality Rest of Season projections are updated daily throughout the season and frequently in the preseason. May threw 51 total between the MLB and MiLB last season as he had a solid return from injury in his first year. We show the projected value of the player in fantasy auction dollars vs some arbitrary value. You can save your teams all season long, allowing you to use our Team Analyzer and Trade Analyzer with just one click, as often as you’d like.


Grissom’s fatal flaw is his defense and only at the hardest position to field in baseball. Grissom’s clock resets mid-June and it would make sense for Atlanta to do it then given the potency of their offense as currently constructed even without Grissom. This is typically the issue for many players who come from Asia to the US. They, unlike Latin American players, have not been in a team’s system essentially prepping for the MLB their entire adult lives.

Rest of Season Projections

Welcome to the interweb’s best fantasy basketball trade analyzer! Our fantasy trade analyzer uses our Rest of Season fantasy basketball projectionsbased on game averages are updated daily. You can learn more about our daily/weekly player projections for season-long and DFS on our Subscriptions page. This free tool lets you evaluate fantasy baseball trades based on player full/rest of season value ($) or per game value ($/Game). Our Rest of Season MLB projections and Player Rater dollar values are frequently updated. Visit our Subscriptions page to get a free 3-day trial of our daily/weekly player projections for season-long and DFS.

The trade analyzer will use rest of season rankings and scoring projections to compare the players that you enter into the form. The evaluator will compare each player to the rest of those at his position to get a more accurate trade value. Then it’ll add up the trade value for all players on each team that you have submitted and let you know who has the best value. We show the projected points AND our projected stats for the players while standard fantasy football trade calculators just show a ‘black box’ projected point total. This fantasy trade analyzer uses our fantasy football projections which are updated twice daily during the season and as needed in the offseason. We project all future games so opponent strength, in-season roster changes, injuries, etc. are reflected.

Our fantasy football Trade Analyzer allows you to quickly choose the players involved in a potential trade. Using our custom value system, we value the assets on both sides of the trade and recommend whether or not you should make the deal. Buying in a dynasty baseball league is a tricky needle to thread. If done right, it can help build a consistent winner with players churned and burned. Buying “low” is often perceived as buying currently injured or struggling players but that is oftentimes foolish as it can burst in your face. While this could be done, it assumes everything but max playing time can be backfilled with replacements.

The $/Game metric found in the Trade Analyzer keeps that same split. If you are trying to value a platooned hitter in a full-time role, the best method is going to their player page which shows a $/Game metric vs RHP and LHP. You could weight it based on league-wide splits which are around 70% RHP and 30% LHP. Our player projections are updated frequently in collaboration with Steamer Projections and are one of the most respected projections sources in the fantasy baseball industry.

NFL Trade Analyzer

Use this new information to your advantage when negotiating with unsuspecting owners. To operate the trade analyzer, begin by typing in the name of a player in one of the provided search fields. After a few keystrokes, a list of matching players will appear. Choose a desired player by clicking on his name and it’ll populate the text field. Here is an example of the trade analyzer in action, calculating the value of a trade for two fantasy teams.

  • You can learn more about our daily/weekly player projections for season-long and DFS on our Subscriptions page.
  • Analyze the fantasy football landscape every day.
  • Say things like, “No, I could never give that up!
  • Then, the projected fantasy points of the last starter for each position is subtracted from their value and used for the trade calculations.
  • On the flip side, one benefit to keeping your mouth shut is you could get the other owner nervous and force his hand.

Using our new player value system, our Trade Analyzer tool gives an instant reaction to any trade you’re considering, including a recommendation of whether to do it or not. When you pull out this line, you show that you’re the one with the leverage because your team will do just fine without the deal. People sometimes load up one side of a trade with multiple assets to try and equal the value of the more valuable side. The Package Adjustment helps offset that by adding to the overall value of the side with less assets. projections are provided by RotoWire. Easy to use on desktop or mobile with autofill on player names and auto-calculating totals. In depth player rating breakdowns can be found clicking the number.

We show the relevant projected player stats for the players – not just their baseball trade values. If you’re not familiar with the expression, an “ace in the hole” means an advantage or resource that’s held back until the most opportune moment. What you’re going to do when someone offers you a trade is pick one asset from that trade and treat it like it is gold — even though it is not. Say things like, “No, I could never give that up! ” Or, “No, I value that asset too much.” Or, “No, I think you’re asking for too much with that.” You get the point.

rest of season

Jung at 23 years old played 50% above the average hitter between Double-A and Triple-A with a K rate that did not crack 23% at any point before or during. His 33% K rate in 2022 between Triple-A and the MLB was unlike him. While Jung’s rookie year was quite horrible, we can link the performance to a preseason leg fracture which likely impacted not only his routine and strength but headspace as well. Thus, after suffering a severe injury and returning within the same season, it is fair to assume Jung was far from 100% even if his leg fully healed. With 14 HRs and nine SB in 111 games, Suzuki provides a juicy 20/20 outcome this season with room for more if his oblique fully heals. Regardless if the injury lingers, he is just 28 with plenty of career in the MLB left.

Our goal is to put out the highest-quality content and tools. Ads help us pay RotobBaller’s award-winning writers as much as possible they are vital to the site’s operations and team. Our Team Analyzer tool predicts your win/loss record, gives positional grades, rates your chances of making your league’s playoffs, and much more.


But, unlike a Steamer 600, $/Game maintains the projected PA/IP per game for players. A leadoff hitter is going to have more PA/Game than a 9th place hitter. A leadoff hitter on a great offense will get more PA/Game than a leadoff hitter on a bad offense. Max Scherzer is going to have higher IP per GS than Robbie Ray.

This is generally true for IL and minor league stints but harder to do for mid-week rest days and platoons. It is easier to plug in a replacements in daily roster change leagues vs weekly. The $/Game metric neutralizes games started by hitters/SPs and games relieved by relievers.


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